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      The Industries and People of The Lincoln, Woodstock  Region   

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Past Newsletters are now available on-line.  

Fall 2007 Newsletter   Contains:  Cost of Builing a Logging Railroad,  A Simpler Day and Time, Fire on the Summit of Mt. Washington

Winter, 2007 Newsletter
 Contains: Gale River Logging Railroad, Building the Sulphite Mill in Lincoln, J.E. Henry in Tintah  Minn, Lincoln in 1899

Spring, 2008 Newsletter Contains: Huntoon Lead Mine in N. Woodstock, Eugene Jones-Photographer, B&M Snow Train

Summer, 2008 Newsletter Contains: Beard Opera House in N. Woodstock, Summit Houses, Charles Henry and his Alabama Cotton Mill

Fall, 2008 Newsletter        Contains:  Use of Dogs in Lumbering?, Trained Bears, Farming in the Valley 100 Years Ago

Winter, 2008 Newsletter    Contains: F.W. WhiteHouse Mill, The Heel Mill in Lincoln, Murder, 1905 Strike at the Mill, Times Have Changed 

Spring, 2010 Newsletter    Contains: Then and Now: Franconia Hotel, Natureland, Woodwards Resort and Whales Tale, Who Discovered The Flume, The Guernsey Family

Fall, 2010 Newsletter         Contains: Then and Now: Alpin Hotel and Alpine Village,Schools in Lincoln and Woodstock, Priorr to 1900  

Spring, 2011 Newsletter    Contains:  Then and Now: Grandview Mountain, Lincoln Schools to 1910 

Fall,  2011 Newsletter    
Contains: Pig's Ear-What is It? and Why, Woodstock Schools 1890-1910

Winter, 2012 Newsletter   Contains lengthy article on the Pollard family and their small hotel.

Summer, 2012 Newsletter
  Contains a lengthy  article on the Lebreque family, and Lincoln's South End

Fall, 2012 Newsletter  More on Lincoln's South End and Dr. Handy

Winter, 2013 Newsletter.  Woodstock's 250th Anniversary

Spring, 2013 Newsletter  Woodstock and The Tourist Industry. More on the 250th Anniversary

Summer, 2013 Newsletter  More on the Woodstock 250 Anniversary.  More on the names on the Soldier's Monument

Fall, 2013 Newsletter  Mt. Cilley Settlement

Summer, 2014 Newsletter
 Lincoln History and 250th Anniversary Celebration

Fall, 2014 Newsletter  Lincoln History

Winter, 2015 Newsletter  More Lincoln History



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