Logging In Lincoln

      The Industries and People of The Lincoln, Woodstock  Region   

                                  Other Sawmills
                        In The Lincoln Woodstock Area

There were several other Saw Mills and wood products companies in the area.  Henry Baker established a bedstead factory in 1859 on the east side of the Notch Road.  It later produced chair backs.  In 1879, Mason Dolloff  started a bobbin and chair parts mill, which operated until 1891.  Mills were also operated by W.R. Park, H.C. Bagley & Co. and there was a mill known as the Golden Mill, which started to operate in 1890.  When the Henrys moved to Lincoln, in 1892, they leased an already operating sawmill from G.E Dupee.  This mill was needed to produce the lumber for the new, large, mill being built by the Henrys, as well as for lumber for the buildings in the new town.

Frank Hall & Co. was operating a mill near the Flume House.  In the area were mills operated by F.W. Whitehouse and Charles Burns.  The Dodge Clothspin factory operated in Lincoln from 1906 to 1913.

Many other small mills operated in the area, as well.

                   The Veazey Mill, near Mirror Lake

Very little documentary evidence is known to have survived from these companies.  Any photographs, or other information you may have, would be very helpful to as we try to record the full story of logging in this area.  Use the email link at the left to let us know about helpful information.


Photos of  the  W.D. Veazey and Company Mill, West Thornton, NH

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