Logging In Lincoln

      The Industries and People of The Lincoln, Woodstock  Region   

                                    Beebe River
                            Woodstock Lumber Company, Parker Young
                                           and The Draper Company

The Beebe River Mill, in Campton, was built in 1917, to harvest the timber in the Squam and Sandwich ranges.  It was operated by the Woodstock Lumber Co. and Parker Young.  A whole town was built, with houses for the workers, a company store, boarding house, movie theatre, and of course, a large new sawmill.  The photo above shows one of the mill buildings in about 1926, when the mill complex had been bought by The Draper Mills Corporation, to be used for the production of bobbins for Draper's textile mills and for sale to other textile companies.  While it was owned and operated by the Parker Young Company it was fully integrated with the Lincoln complex, with raw materials, finished goods, scrap, and supplies moving back back and forth on the East Branch and Lincoln Railroad, also fully owned by Parker Young and operating on the Boston and Maine RR track.  In addition, an extensive logging railroad operated from the Beebe River mill into the surrounding forests, to supply the mill.

     Photos of the Beebe River Mills and Logging Railroad

The image at the top of the page is the company boarding and store, c. 1983.  It also had a movie theatre for employees.
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