Logging In Lincoln

      The Industries and People of The Lincoln, Woodstock  Region   

                                   Mill Demolition

On December 4th and 5th, 2009 the remaining mill buildings in Lincoln were demolished.  It was truly the end of an era.  James E. Henry built the mills, and the rest of the town, starting in 1892.  The mills closed in 1981.  Since that time, many of the buildings were torn down and replaced by hotels and shopping centers.  The few remaining buildings succumbed and will eventually be replaced by another hotel if all goes according to plan.


We believed that it was necessary to record the events.  These photographs were taken by Forrest Seavey, working in conjunction with WhiteMountainHistory.org.  In addition to these still photos, he also recorded the events with a video camera.  

                           Click here for additional photos

                 Click here for video of the mill's final moments

                    Prior to the final demolition, crews worked to
                              cut-up parts of the equipment.

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