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                           Locomotives in Lincoln

                     STOCK, IN LINCOLN THAN IN ANY OTHER 
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Lincoln, New Hampshire is home to four locomotives that were in service on Logging Railroads in the White Mountains. Three geared locomotives are at Clarks' Trading Post, including a 50 Ton Climax, which saw service on the Beebe River Railroad, in Campton, NH.  Clark's also has a 2 truck, 50 Ton Shay which was used on the Beebe River Railroad and the East Branch & Lincoln Railroad, one of the longest running of the White Mountain logging railroads.  The Climax is often in use, and has recently been fully overhauled, including replacement of it's boiler.  The Shay is not in service, and is on display infrequently.  (It's possible, if the day is not too busy, a special request to see the Shay might be honored.)  Also in use at Clark's is a 2 truck Heisler, which saw service in West Virginia.  There's also a 50 Ton Baldwin, in daily use, which was in use on the EB&L.  It's over 100 years old.

     The East Branch and Lincoln Climax has been restored and  
                             is at Clark's Trading Post

On display at the entrance to the Loon Mountain Ski Area is a Porter 50  ton saddle tank engine. 
It was used on the East Branch & Lincoln.

 The Hobo Railroad, a tourist line, has a large assortment of  early diesel engines and rolling stock of various eras.  There's also a fully restored private car.

Also now at the Hobo is the famed Flying Yankee, the Boston and Maine Streamliner.  It's undergoing restoration, and hopefully will be back in service in the future.

                  Postcard from the Dale Hamilton Collection

On various storage tracks around Lincoln, you'll find several
derelict freight cars and passenger cars.

With the exception of the Shay, all are easily accessible and can be photographed. 

Less than an hour's drive from Lincoln, across the Kancamagus Highway, is North Conway, NH, home of the  Conway Scenic Railroad, and more locomotives and rolling stock.  The Kancamagus is a National Scenic Byway, and is a spectacular drive.

Several miles of former logging railroad road beds are now hiking trails.

Click on this link for photos of Lincoln's locomotives.

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